The musings of your typical fairy...

sitting in trees, sipping teas, teaching my imaginary friends their ABC's.

Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.



She’s that girl nobody wants to talk to and the truth is she doesn’t want to talk to you either. She has little regard for hygiene, her clothing smells like mold and you’re pretty sure you’ve seen her picking her nose and eating whatever she pulled out. Her hair is greasy at the roots,…

take me to the glaciers
that cover your heart.
don’t hold my hand,
hold my breath and let me
speak into your sweat glazed skin.

I can smell God here. I can taste the Holy Spirit.

You kiss me and the stars explode.
You look me in the eyes and I forget what existence means.

But I swallow it all.
I close my eyes and
choke it down.
Forget. Forget. Forget.
He is too much.
He is living.
He is frightening.
He is so alive.