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Me and my babe at my cousin’s wedding ♥


Me and my babe at my cousin’s wedding ♥

I wish people would learn the difference between “OMG I want to live in the 50’s!! I was born in the wrong era!!”
And “I appreciate the vintage aesthetic and wish it was easy and commonplace to adopt that kind of style in today’s world.”
Because, as much as I love pompadours and winged eyeliner, I also love having rights.

—(via xzombiegurlx)

the problem with writing
poetry about somebody
you’re in love with is that
it sounds almost the same
as every other poem that
every other fool that has
fallen in love has written—
hearts dissolve and lungs
swoon, but you can’t write
about it because if you write
about it then it will sound
like every other love out there—
but you know it in that far
part of your being
that this isn’t like every other
love—but you’re afraid—
you’re terrified of
making it generic when
it’s actually bloody infinite


(Source: writingwillows)